The Story of The Moose!

The Story of The Moose!

Many will have seen one of our shop regulars, Jenni R., working on a Christmas gift over the last few weeks. It all started with an incident many years ago, and a group of friends unwilling to let a good joke die.

Jenni says, "Making #8 Forest showed up in the shop and I had a flip through, and there was this pattern for a moose toy. My friend had his car hit by a moose and our group of friends have been gifting him with many and varied moose ever since, so I had to try this pattern."


Knitted moose with yarn bowl and kits behind

"It was written for worsted but I felt that would be too big to be a good joke so I chose a two-ply. Why did I do that to myself?" she laughs.

I think we all know how far a crafter will go for a good joke.

The amazing moose was accompanied by a card stating "X hours to make, Y swears went into this, and You'd better love it!'"

And now we come to the scary part of the story,

"...there is someone else in our gang who likes moose...Oh, Help!"

Knitted moose with yarn bowl and yarn birds

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