Covid-19 restrictions & our shop - update!

Covid-19 restrictions & our shop - update!

With the new mandatory Alberta restrictions that came into effect on September 20, retail and shopping malls are not eligible for the Restrictions Exemption Program as public access is necessary for daily living. Therefore these retail restrictions apply: capacity restricted to 1/3 fire code occupancy; and, attendees must be with household members only, or 2 close contacts if they live alone.

We are going to keep our shop access by Appointment Only for now.

Self scheduling of appointments is super easy. Just click on the green banner at the top of our website homepage and you'll be led to the appointment scheduler.

If you come to our shop door without an appointment and folks with an appointment are shopping, we encourage you to place an online order from your car, that we'll work to fill right away.

If you drop by the shop and no one with an appointment is shopping or imminently to arrive, we will let you in.

We always encourage online shopping, which is open 24/7 :)

Thank you for your support and understanding.

- TFN Gang