Covid-19 Update…

Although the Open for Summer Plan eases province-wide restrictions when Alberta enters Stage 3 starting today, July 1, we’re going to keep our shop access by Appointment Only for now. Self scheduling of appointments is super easy by simply clicking on the green banner at the top of our website homepage,

We still require masks/face coverings to continue to be worn by all when customers are in the shop. If a customer is unable to wear a mask, we’ll work our hardest to continue to provide remote service delivery - as per our norm the last 16 months.

If you come to our shop door without an appointment & folks with an appointment are shopping, we'll encourage you to place an online order from your car, that we’ll work to fill right away.

If you drop by and no one with an appointment is shopping, we will let you in.

We always encourage online shopping, which is open 24/7 😊

Thank you for your support and understanding, helping to keep us all safe & healthy.

- TFN Gang