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Aluminum Stitch Holders
Anurain Design - Jewelry
Anurain Design - Jewelry
$18.75 $24.99
Anurain Designs - Eat Sleep Knit Keychain
Anurain Designs - Progress Keepers
Bamboo Knitting Repair Hooks
Brick Bubble - Enamel Pins
Brick Bubble - Ornaments
Cable Stitch Holder (3Pc Set)
Only 5 left!
ChiaoGoo - Cable Connectors (2pcs)
ChiaoGoo - End Stoppers
ChiaoGoo - Rubber Gripper (2pcs)
ChiaoGoo - Stitch Markers
ChiaoGoo Swatch and Needle Gauge
ChiaoGoo Swatch and Needle Gauge - Small
ChiaoGoo Wood Swift
Only 4 left!
ChiaoGoo Wooden Nostepinne Spindle
Only 1 left!
ChiaoGoo Yarn Butler
Only 2 left!
Circular Stitch Holder
Clover - Darning Needle Set
Clover - Darning Needle Set (Bent Tip)
Clover - Lace Darning Needle Set
Clover - Pen Style Needle Felting Tool
Only 3 left!
Clover - Soft Stitch Ring Markers
Clover - Speed Needle Refill
Clover - U-Cable Stitch Holder (3Pc Set)
Only 4 left!
Coil Needle Holders
Double Pointed Needle Tubes
Double-Ended Stitch Holder
Eucalan - 500ml
Eucalan Testers
Fake Fur Pompoms - 10cm
Fake Fur Pompoms - 13cm
Only 2 left!
Fibre Nook Retractable Tape Measure
Firefly Notes - All Things Cat Stitch Markers
Firefly Notes - Enamel Pins
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