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Katia - Instagranny

: 100 - Dark blue-Water blue-Light salmon

Create crochet squares non-stop with Katia Instagranny, 100% Merino wool for fans of granny squares. Make colorful crochet granny squares without changing color with a single ball of Katia Instagranny. Each ball of Instagranny includes 3 exact color cycles to make 3 identical granny squares. These crochet squares consist of 5 rows in 3 color combinations: 1-2-3-2-1. Each round is worked in a single color that changes by itself! Just choose the right gauge and crochet hook size to make the stitches for each round in the corresponding color. Between each granny square, there’s extra yarn in color 2 that you can use for joining the squares, and also finishing off the borders. Create granny squares in an instant with Katia Instagranny!

100% Soft Merino

50g  |  95m
5-6mm  |  17sts =10cm