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Eucalan Testers


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Eucalan provides superb cleaning and conditioning for any fiber!

Use Eucalan before storing garments away for any period of time.
Use Eucalan before washing pets, their bedding, or blankets (it's a natural flea inhibitor).
Excellent for lingerie and sports wear.
A nice scent for baby items like plush toys, blankies and bedding.
Cleans all fibre gently without scouring.
Can be used for hand and machine washing
Contains no detergents or phosphates and is low sudsing.
Eucalan is completely biodegradable.
No animal testing.
Save time, water, and money - no rinsing is required!
Eucalyptus is a natural moth-inhibitor.
Lanolin is a natural conditioner: it reduces static in natural and synthetic fibres and it helps to control wrinkles.