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Ferme Fiola Farm - Wool Scrubbies


100% Manitoba grown/made

Pack of 2 scrubbies: Approximate size is one 5x7 (13x18cm) and one 7x8 (18x20cm)

These 2 will give you lots of options, use these scrubbies to wash and scrub your dishes, your bodies (ditch that plastic body scrub!!), spill and kids drawings on the wall.

They will lasts months, doesn’t get smelly because of the natural properties of wool, but can be thrown in a regular wash if wanted. They will naturally felt slightly smaller with the first few uses, the smallest one becoming the size of a traditional yellow sponge at the smallest. After that the size will remain until the end of its usable life.

It is 100% all natural wool and when you are done with it, 100% compostable. Throw it in the compost bin, or in the garden to return it right to soil. No micro-plastics here.