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John Arbon - Appledore DK

: Billy Down Pippin

This blend of fibre is sourced from right here in the Westcountry and, with a palette of unusual heathered shades, it perfectly encapsulates our ethos. Like all our yarns, Appledore is steeped in our fibre heritage (all hail those vintage machines of ours). We have blended together Devon Closewool, a moorland breed with rustic and grippy fibre, with lustrous and characterful Romney and our old favourite, the gloriously bouncy Exmoor Blueface. The resulting blend is packed full of woolly bounce and a smattering of lustre, the perfect canvas for Appledore’s range of playful modern shades.

40% Devon Closewool / 40% Romney / 20% Exmoor Blueface.

100g  |  250m
3.75-5.5mm  |  18-24sts = 10cm