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Koigu Origins - Corriedale & Corriedale/Gotland

: 035 [CG]

Koigu Origins, focuses on the breed, and the purpose that the wool provides to the project. Celebrating 50 years of Koigu in 2022, the southwestern Ontario-based Landra women launched a single ply, 32 micron, DK weight yarn in honour of their love of textile art that is deeply engrained in their Estonian heritage. And... all dyed in their favourite colours. 

Corriedale sheep are one of the oldest crossbred sheep, originating from New Zealand. Originally crossed in the 1860s with Merino, which provides its long wool length and softness. Corriedale are a large sheep that tolerate many landscapes and can now be found globally. In terms of its wool, it is a mid-micron sheep hitting between 22-34 microns. This spin is in a DK weight that is great for outdoor garments to stay warm on a damp day. 

  • 100% Corriedale

  • 200yds / 183m

  • 18sts = 4” / 10cm

  • 4mm / 6US needles


Gotland sheep originated on the Swedish island of Gotland, thought to be brought by the Vikings. The wool produced by Gotland sheep is long, at a 29- 34 micron, producing a soft fleece. A mid-sized sheep, with a natural grey fleece, you can still find the largest pure bred population of sheep today on the island of Gotland. Mixing the Corriedale with the Gotland, creates a strong fiber and beautiful natural grey colour. 

  • 70% Corriedale and 30% Gotland

  • 200yds / 183m

  • 18sts = 4”/10cm

  • 4mm / 6US