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Lantern Moon - 360° Swivel Stainless Steel Cords


Lantern Moon’s swivel cords are ideal for knitting in the round projects. The cord rotates at the join so needle twisting is avoided as the knitter goes around. The 24K plated solid brass connector is threaded for easy put-on to needle tips. They are made of nylon coated stainless steel which uncoils easily and stays relaxed, with no twisting. They are available in 7 lengths from 8” to 49”. Each pack contains 2 cords, 2 wooden end caps and 1 tightening tool.


16" and 20" cords assume Special Tips (ex. 8" cord + 2x 4" needles)

24"-60" cords assume Normal Tips for full length. (ex. 14" cord + 2x 5" needles)