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Prym Circular Knitting Needle Set - Arne & Carlos


The innovative Prym Ergonomics circular knitting needles guarantee hours of knitting comfort and fun. The knitting needles are made of carbon fibre reinforced plastic. The needle tips are strong, lightweight and lie comfortably in the hand thanks to their special shape. The thicker, drop-shaped tips ensure that advanced knitters can knit faster, by preventing the yarn from splitting, while beginners are able to insert and pull through more easily. The knitting needles change from a round cross-section at the front to a triangular one, allowing the stitches to slide easily over the needle. The extremely flexible and high-quality plastic-coated steel cable does not twist during knitting, which enhances the knitting experience. The needle size is printed on the knitting needle.

This special limited edition set was designed in collaboration with Norwegian craft influencers Arne & Carlos. The set consists of 3 80cm-long circular knitting needles in sizes 3.00, 3.50 and 4.00mm. The set comes in a beautiful gift box with a traditional Norwegian pattern, designed by Arne & Carlos. The packaging includes a QR code that provides access to a website page where you can download the digital pattern. The website also provides information about all sorts of creative applications for the set