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Prym - Ergonomic Double Pointed Pins (DPN) (20cm/8")


Simply knit more easily

The detail is decisive: The new drop-shaped tips optimize the picking up and guiding of the yarn. These hook tips make the start easy for the beginner and enable the experienced knitter to work quickly and quietly - even with complicated patterns.

Stitches glide easily

First round, then triangular - the triangle shape of the shaft offers as few contact points as possible to the piece of knitting. The stitches can thus glide noticeably freer along the needle shaft - for more fun when knitting without having to push the stitches along as one knits.

For more cohesion

Two ideas have been combined in the click heads: These ingenously designed end knobs simply clip together two needles as a pair - and as soon as the knitting is on the needle, the stitches are secured between the two click heads. In this way the click heads function as integrated stitch stoppers.

Unfettered yet connected

prym.ergonomics cricular knitting needles are connected with a steel cord. This plastic-coated cord is fine and robust, thus free from the “memory effect” of plastic cords that roll up into a spiral on their own. Hands can now busy themselves with the knitting and no longer with the constant straightening of the cord.

Perfect set of needles

“Form follows function” - all prym.ergonomics knitting needles consistenly follow this principle. Also in the case of the double-pointed knitting needles the design is in service to the use and the idea “simply knit more easily”.

20cm/8" long