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Prym Ergonomics- Double Pointed Needle Set (20cm) - 2.5-4.0mm


These brightly coloured Prym double-pointed needles not only look lovely, but they also lie very comfortably in the hand – they are ideal for circular knitting with few stitches, such as socks and stockings, of course, but work well also for hats, leg warmers or mittens. The perfectly formed tips make it easy to knit and the very smooth and wear-resistant surface ensures that the stitches glide smoothly over and off the needle. Each needle size has its own colour, so that needles with the same size can be found easily at a glance. These double-pointed needles are made from lightweight aluminium and are 20cm long.

The set consists of 4 sets of 5 x double-pointed needles in needle sizes 2.50, 3.00, 3.50 and 4.00mm in cardboard packaging.