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Purl & Hank - Elbow Patches

: Black

Step back in time and infuse your handmade sweaters with a touch of nostalgic style using our Leather Sew-On Elbow Patches. Reminiscent of the classic appeal found in your grandpa's well-loved garments, these patches bring both visual interest and functional reinforcement to your knitted creations.

Set of 2

Available in Large (MEN) 4” x 6.5”

Medium(Women) 5.25” x 3.25”

Small (Kid) 4”x 2.5”

Care instructions: Leather is built tough. Soak your hand knits with patches in a quick bath to wash and follow your normal blocking methods. Lay flat to dry and when the leather is ALMOST dry apply some mink oil (commonly used on leather footwear) or some of Ferme Fiola’s Sheep Tallow to re-hydrate the leather and finish the lay flat drying process. Patches may be a bit stiffer once dry but after a bit of use they soften up quite nicely. Continue to use the the oil whenever the patches look dry and cracked.