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Ricorumi DK Books


Crochet Your Face
Compose a face! The Ricorumi booklet "Crochet your Face" is about the individual design of crazy faces. There are instructions for a wide variety of head shapes, eyes, noses, mouths, eyebrows, hairstyles and accessories that you can combine to create a funny face as you please. There are no limits to the choice of colors and creativity. First the head shape is crocheted and stuffed. Then you crochet the components of the face and accessories and sew them to the head.

Mini Me
Whether from the savannah, from the farm, from the water or the rainforest - the animals, large and small, come from all parts of the world. Together they form an inseparable community: the monkey mom and her son Max, mole grandma and her granddaughter Marla, dad lion and his son Linus, sloth mom and her daughter Samy, mom pig and her son Pepe and also otter Omar and his dad. The detailed “Mini Me” figures are crocheted using the new super fluffy Ricorumi Nilli Nilli

For Baby - Little Animals
Includes lamb, koala, bunny, bear, llama, unicorn and bird!

Includes two bunnies, lamb, flowers, egg cozy, egg ornaments and Easter garland!

Wild Wild Animals
Includes seal, narwhal, monkey, lion, donkey, budgie, crocodile and koala!

Funny Fall
Includes fox, raccoon, squirrel, hedgehog and snail.

Pocket Pals
Includes dog, cat, chicken, duck, rabbit, mouse, pig, cow, and llama!

Note: English instructions are written using UK terminology. DC should be replaced with SC.