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Tin Can Knits - Lazy Sunday Patterns


Lazy Sunday is all about the pleasures we find in the slow rhythms of craft. These patterns are focused on our love of the outdoors, the joys of taking time to create, and the timeless quality of cables.

These patterns are new, but not really. They are our versions of cabled motifs as old as time, with simple, classic constructions. They look as at home on my grandfather as they do on me and my kids. Many things change over the years, but knitting will always be just one stitch after another.

We hope this collection invites you to slow down and find a comforting rhythm – something that can seem challenging within our hectic lives. Perhaps as the yarn runs through your hands, and as one stitch becomes many, you’ll find a little more calm and a little more joy in the soft, quiet hours of your own lazy Sunday.